October Announcements

Three announcements with less than 5 weeks to your SJT


1.We made a Mission Statement:
“Practice makes perfect. We help dental students practice for the Dental Foundation Situational Judgement Test (SJT).”

We will use this to explain to Universities and other organisations how we can help the final year dental students. We think it summarises us very well- but let us know via Instagram if you have any other suggestions!


2. News is spreading fast!

The BDJ Student Journal just shared the news of our launch

Check it out: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41406-020-0166-2

(If you are already receive our newsletter then this article will not tell you anything you don’t already know- but it is great to share the news across the UK and we are really happy the BDJ Student Journal shared our story)

3. Behind the scenes progress:

We have had so much interest from Dental Societies to give webinars- we are really excited to share our knowledge and help reduce stress about the upcoming test. If you think your society would like a webinar get in touch- we only have a few dates available. We decided (because of covid- and because we are really nice people) that all of these webinars would be free this year!


Check out the following blog posts on which we have received excellent feedback:

  1. https://dentalsjt.com/social-media/
  2. https://dentalsjt.com/gdc-standards-dental-team/


Co- Founder DentalSJT.com

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Our Website is quite simple- follow the steps below, give yourself some time to study and hopefully get the job what you want for 2021! Fill in your details below and you will be emailed a link to the DFT recruitment guide for final year BDS students

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