Essential Criteria

Essential criteria for Dental Foundation Training


Remember before you did your a-level exams the exam board published the specification or syllabus for each subject? Some schools and teachers used this as a way to structure lessons, turning each bullet point into an example question so you could be fully prepared for the exam.

Have you read the person specification for Dental Foundation Training?



If not, check it out:

DFT Person Specification 



This is available on the Oriel Application portal. You may have clicked on it back in September and very possibly have not looked at it since. And why would you have? You have been so busy with clinics, changing social lives, work, study and maybe even watching one of the final few games of the 6 nations (Ireland had an excellent game yesterday- if you get a chance to watch some highlights I recommend this link:

So the reason I mention this, is that the person specification for Dental Foundation Training  on pages 2 and 3 states the essential criteria for the ideal Dental Foundation Trainee (DFT) and that these will be evaluated during in the SJT. See the picture below:



So what does this mean? (If you have already guessed this part well done)

This means you should read each bullet point and consider when you are answering the SJT that this is what is being assessed. Remember the exam is not a test of knowledge, but some people do better than others in every SJT which means it is a skill that can be improved. You need to consider each scenario they give you through the eyes of a safe beginner; someone who can prioritise clinical need whilst being aware of their own limitations. You should also aim to treat all patients and the entire dental team with empathy and respect at all times.




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